Rainbow transfer paper art

Rainbow Transfer Paper Art is easy and fun
- and results are amazing!

So, let's start!

You will need:

1. Tracing Page (or any coloring page, that you can easy buy in a store, find online, or use one of our favorite tracing pages).

2. Rainbow Transfer paper ( DIY Rainbow Transfer paper or order on our website).

3. Any regular pencil or ballpoint pen (I found that crayons are too soft to make a good transfer).

4. Blank page (printer paper, drawing paper etc.)

5. Drawing board, clipboard or binder clip (optional).

Take a blank page, put a sheet of Rainbow Transfer paper on top of it (with the wax coated side facing the blank page), and tracing page on top of the transfer paper. Clip all three layers together and trace the image on the tracing page. The rainbow drawing will appear on the blank page!!

Rainbow Transfer Paper Art, kids arts and crafts 

Helpful tips

1. Use pencils or ballpoint pens to trace the image, wax crayons are too soft and leave faint print on paper.

2. Try to use stencils instead of tracing pages to create a drawing.

3. Sometimes it helps to trace certain parts of your drawing several times for brighter results.

4. Try to combine Rainbow Transfer paper technique and regular drawing - like in these Rainbow Dash or Parrot drawings.

5. We noticed that drawings turn out better if we use tracing pages with more detail. Try to make some lines thinner and others thicker, or color some areas completely - you may achieve really amazing results! 

6. Let kids draw their names in Rainbow Transfer Paper technique - it is a lot of fun and sometimes even worth framing and hanging on the wall!

7. Each rainbow transfer paper you can use several times.

Want to see live action Rainbow Transfer Paper Art? Check out our Rainbow Transfer Art Introduction video on YouTube!

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